Residents' Information

Welcome to the information page for all leaseholders and residents of Royal Standard House and City Point.

Please take time to read though all the information as it will save you a good deal of time and hassle.  There are many facilities for you to make use of, both inside and outside of your apartment.  

May we also draw you attention to the section on your lease obligations.  The regulations are in place to protect the special qualities of the site and its community.  We take security and the minimising of noise and nuisance seriously, and the Board will ensure that breaches of the lease are dealt with.  If you are renting an apartment here you will also be expected to abide by this lease.


It is your responsibility to make sure you fully understand these regulations and comply with them.

Site Management

BLUE Property Consultants manage our site on a day to day basis.  They are responsible for the maintenance of the buildings, the communal areas and the communal facilities such as the entrance gates and intercom system.

To report a problem:
or call: 0330 053 8770
Out of hours number - 07977  099014

Property Manager  

Dawid Makowski


BPM also look after our regular contractors

Cleaning       - Joan Jules

Waste            - Carl Peck

Caretaker      - Barry Parnam

Garden           - Emanuel


Covenants & Regulations 

There are covenants* and regulations regarding:-

  • Alterations to your apartment - you must apply for permission in advance of doing ANY work*

  • The flooring you may have in your apartment**

  • Renting out your apartment - you may need to apply for permission*

  • Use of the communal areas - so as not to cause nuisance or damage**

  • Parking yours and your visitors' cars**

  • Keeping pets**

  • Playing of musical instruments**

  • Noise and nuisance generally**

  • Satellite dishes**

*A copy of the full lease including covenants is further down this page under 'Your Lease'

**You will find information in the regulations extract below.

Warning: never force any of the gates or the lift doors.  Report any problems to FHP immediately.


Royal Standard House


City Point


About Your Apartment and the Communal Facilities

Below you will find lots of information about the facilities at Royal Standard House & City Point and advice about living here.

you can print off all residents' information here

Residents at Royal Standard House and City Point are invited to make use of the Arena Apartments' Guest Suites

Click HERE for information


Your Lease

Your lease defines your rights as a leaseholder or tenant.  It also conveys the obligations and rules you must adhere to.  

Royal Standard House


City Point 



your apartment



Out of hours caretaker                              07997 099014

Western Power (electricity)                      0800 6783 105 or  just 105 

Gas                                                                0800 111 999

(if you smell gas or suspect a leak)

Severn Trent Water                                    0800 783 4444

(for communal water supply)

Fire, Ambulance, Emergency Police           999

Local Police                                                 101

Royal Standard House

Fire Procedures

City Point

Fire Procedures