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Latest News


Our Managing Agents have closed their offices but our Property Managers are available by mobile phone and email.  Please see Resident's Information page for details.

February 2020 - The door entry systems are still being repaired in places.  FHP will be in touch once this work is finished.

Book Club

The book club meets every 2 months, usually on the second Tuesday of the month.




If you are interested in joining the book club please contact Judith


New Regulation

The AGM in April 2019 approved a new regulation regarding behaviour on the site.  All leaseholders and residents have been advised by written letter.

All new Regulations can be found under Regulations on the Residents' Information page.

War Memorial

The cleaning of the War Memorial was completed in 2019. 


See the difference.....

Thanks to Andrea Palmer 

for all the lovely  garden photos on our website!

The Gardens 

Our new gardener is Ryan.


Do say hello if you spot him in the bushes! 

Telephone Box

The telephone box by the Castle (subject of many a 'selfie') has been restored to it's proper vibrant red. Thanks to Karin and David for extreme perseverence.


Don't forget the gym in Royal Standard House is open to all residents and is now fully equipt with a freeweights area aswell as treadmill, cross trainer, rower and bicycle. 


If you need a key or can't remember the code contact the Managing Agents 

Residents' Summer BBQ 2019