RSH & CP Company Ltd

are the freeholders of the site.  This Company was formed by the leaseholders of 56 of the 58 apartments in Royal Standard House and City Point in 2007 and these leaseholders are all members of the Company by virtue of their ownership of the leasehold. 


The Company is registered at Companies House and carries out all the statutory duties of a freehold company.  It is a company limited by guarantee, not having a share capital.  The members of the company are entitled to attend company meetings, vote on proposals and elect Directors of the company.  Both the landlord and leaseholders have legal rights and obligations, which are clearly laid down in the lease.

Next AGM
6 July 2020


Last Agenda
11 May 2020


Last AGM Minutes
29th April 2019


Board Meetings 2020
10th February
6th April
11th May
13th July
7th September
9th November


What does the Company do?


The Company appoints the Managing Agents to collect the quarterly service charge and manage the Buildings and Estate.


The Company Board meets up to 6 times a year to agree budgets and expenditure and ensure maintenance is being completed.  Improvements are also agreed and overseen by the Board.

The Company also ensures that all leaseholders abide by the terms of their lease.

It's important to note that the Company works on behalf of all leaseholders and not just a few.  

Eddie Curtis
Martin Gotheridge -Chairman
Karin Houston
John Howe
Jackie Jenkin-Jones
Richard Maxwell
Duncan Moffat
Edith Pagliacci
Richard Pryce
Marjorie Wroughton
Roles & Responsibilities
Maintenance                                             - John, Marjorie, Karin
Finance                                                       - Martin
Legal                                                            - Martin
Health & Safety, Security                      - Eddie
CCTV                                                            - Eddie, Edith
Website & Ad hoc Communications   - Edith
Sales & Lettings                                       - Marjorie
Gardens                                                     - Karin
Lifts & Technical                                      -
Planning & Licensing                             - Marjorie
Standard Hill Consortium                    - Martin
Insurance                                                  - Martin
Liaison with New Residents                - Jackie